Five Edutainment Creative Tips for a Great Trade Show Booth

What makes a great edutainment trade show booth that stands out from the crowd? In a word, its design. An impactful, eye-catching design that conveys energy, communicates what your company is all about, and showcases your brand. The following are five ways to create [...]

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Edutainment Marketers: How Involved Do You Want to Be in the Creative Process?

While creative agencies have different ways of interacting with clients and managing the creative process, most use one of two approaches when working with clients. Some agencies like to have meetings with their clients, brainstorm with them, ask a lot of questions, and find out [...]

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Boost Edutainment Creative by Boosting Team Morale

I love that our creative team goes the extra mile on a regular basis to meet our clients’ needs, so it's important to me that in the midst of all the dedication, busyness, and deadlines I make sure to introduce some stress-buster moments for [...]

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Five Ways to Ensure Accurate Budget Estimates for Edutainment Creative

Imagine a prospective homebuyer walking into a real estate agent’s office and saying, “I want to buy a house. How much does a house cost?” After getting over the initial shock of the question, the agent likely would ask, “Well, what sort of budget do [...]

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Digital Photos for Edutainment Creative: Hasselblad vs. Smartphone?

While Smartphone cameras have definitely come a long way recently, they still can’t compare to professional cameras. When it comes to edutainment creative photography, there are two important differences between Smartphone photos and Hasselblad photos: (1) the cameras, and (2) who is behind the camera. [...]

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Working with Celebrities Can Pose Special Challenges for Edutainment Creative

Most marketers who work in the edutainment industry have had to work with a celebrity on one project or another. Working with celebrities in edutainment creative usually means an extra layer of approvals, commentary, and discussion—along with a little trickier timing because of their hectic schedules and [...]

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Edutainment Trivia: Did You Know?

This post is a little different from my usual ones, but every now and then we all need a break from our routine. Join me in a brief session of “edutainment trivia” and see how many of these facts you knew and how many were [...]

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Edutainment Marketers: Are You Prepared to Answer These Questions When Launching a New Kids’ Edutainment Product?

One of the ways to maximize edutainment creative meetings is for marketers to have a good idea of the questions they may be asked by their creative agency when launching a new kids’ edutainment product. Being prepared with concrete answers will not only help everyone [...]

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