One of the ways to maximize edutainment creative meetings is for marketers to have a good idea of the questions they may be asked by their creative agency when launching a new kids’ edutainment product.

Being prepared with concrete answers will not only help everyone be productive during the initial meeting, but it also will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Here are 12 questions your creative agency will need answered, preferably at your first meeting:

1. Do you have a branded look already that we’ll be matching for this product?

2. Do you have an existing logo for the new product or will you need one created?

3. Do you have a sizzle video for the product? (For example, an action video of kids playing with the product.)

4. Will you supply product photography, or do you need product shots taken by the agency?

5. Will you supply final copy, or do you need the agency to write copy?

6. Do you need digital/print ads created for the launch?

7. What are some highlights of the new product’s capabilities? (How does it work? What does the child do with it/learn from it? etc.)

8. Are there specific features that should be highlighted?

9. Do you have plans for branded activities coinciding with this product launch, such as community events, store events, sweepstakes, or other marketing initiatives?

10. Do you have a specific creative direction?

11. What is your timing, when is the product launch?

12. What budget range do you have allocated for this project?

If you are doing a website launch, here are some additional questions:

1. What is the purpose of the site (introduce the brand/product, drive sales, etc.)?

2. Will the website sell product, or is it strictly informational and motivational?

3. Is it an e-commerce site, or will it be in near future?

4. What are your objectives for the design of the site (i.e. more functional vs. mostly ambiance/visual appeal)?

5. Do you have a site in mind that you want to emulate (either functionality, design, and/or effects)?

6. Is there a competitor’s site that you are trying to top?

7. Do you have an existing site that all the content is picked up from?

8. Approximately how many pages will there be in the site (home page, number of product pages, FAQs, etc.)?

9. Do you need the agency to handle creative, development, and hosting?

10. Do you require the ability to edit/update the site on your end?

11. What is the functionality of the site (email collection, social media feeds, blog, sweepstakes, etc.)?

12. What information do you want to capture from visitors to the site (basics: product page views, click through rate, conversions, etc.)?

13. Do you need A/B testing of creative, CTA’s, offers, etc?

14. How do you plan to drive visitors to your site (through email campaigns, social media, digital advertising, etc.)?