It’s very frustrating for our clients when their creative budgets are cut and they are told to only use the in-house team for their creative needs.

Most of our clients have internal creative departments as well as outside creative vendors. It’s a nice combination that allows the marketing directors to easily fulfill all of their creative needs.

If your edutainment creative budget is cut, eliminating your outsourced creative team isn’t always the best solution.

Often times when creative budgets are cut, the company is also experiencing other internal cuts like staff, travel, etc.

Even in the midst of such belt-tightening, there is a way to show decision makers that retaining your external creative team is more cost efficient than doing without them.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. If all divisions start putting all of their creative needs into your internal creative department, it will get backed up with projects and your marketing deadlines could be in jeopardy. No one wants to be in that situation.
  1. Your internal creative won’t be able to prioritize your projects because the whole company is their “client” equally—not just you. So although your projects do get into the queue, they may not be completed as quickly as you need them. Your outside creative team will make your projects a priority and devote whatever resources are necessary to get them done on time.
  1. Your internal creative department most likely won’t have an expert in all the areas you need for every creative project. For example, you may have designers and production artists in-house, but you may also need a programmer, photographer, illustrator, mockup artist, etc. Outside creative agencies typically have a broader creative team because they work on varied aspects of creative.
  1. Internal creative is not always less expensive. If you talk to your outside creative agency, they may be able to match the budget you allot to your internal creative department. Tell them the situation and you may be surprised what they are willing to do to accommodate you.
  1. Your time is money. Once you pull the creative in-house, you now have to wear all the hats to oversee the project. Your external team, on the other hand, not only handles creative but also takes care of all the project management, quality control, coordination, scheduling, etc.
  1. Your company won’t incur the salary and overhead costs of employees, and of keeping up with the latest technology/equipment. An external creative agency provides all of those, and they are available when you need them.