April 2017

Five Edutainment Creative Tips for a Great Trade Show Booth

By | April 4th, 2017|Creative Agencies, Creative/Design|

What makes a great edutainment trade show booth that stands out from the crowd? In a word, its design. An impactful, eye-catching design that conveys energy, communicates what your company is all about, and showcases your brand. The following are five ways to create a high quality, engaging trade show booth that maximizes opportunities [...]

March 2017

Digital Photos for Edutainment Creative: Hasselblad vs. Smartphone?

By | March 24th, 2017|Creative Agencies, Creative/Design, Edutainment|

While Smartphone cameras have definitely come a long way recently, they still can’t compare to professional cameras. When it comes to edutainment creative photography, there are two important differences between Smartphone photos and Hasselblad photos: (1) the cameras, and (2) who is behind the camera. Although comparing photo quality between a Smartphone and a Hasselblad [...]

Working with Celebrities Can Pose Special Challenges for Edutainment Creative

By | March 23rd, 2017|Creative Agencies, Creative/Design, Educational Materials, General/Admin|

Most marketers who work in the edutainment industry have had to work with a celebrity on one project or another. Working with celebrities in edutainment creative usually means an extra layer of approvals, commentary, and discussion—along with a little trickier timing because of their hectic schedules and limited availability. I find they always bring a little something [...]

Edutainment Marketers: Are You Prepared to Answer These Questions When Launching a New Kids’ Edutainment Product?

By | March 21st, 2017|Creative Agencies, Creative/Design, Educational Materials, Edutainment|

One of the ways to maximize edutainment creative meetings is for marketers to have a good idea of the questions they may be asked by their creative agency when launching a new kids’ edutainment product. Being prepared with concrete answers will not only help everyone be productive during the initial meeting, but it also will [...]