Do-It-Yourself Presentation Tips for Edutainment Marketers

Edutainment marketers rely on creative agencies and internal creative teams for their advertising and marketing creative needs, but when it comes to creating presentations, marketers often times opt to create the presentation themselves without help from their creative team. If you do want to create [...]

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The Power of Combining Internal and External Edutainment Creative Teams

It may surprise some readers to hear me say that an external creative agency can very effectively complement an internal edutainment creative team. Edutainment marketers often think this is an either/or proposition, but in reality an external agency can provide valuable support to the in-house [...]

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Edutainment Marketers: How Does Your Creative Agency Keep You Happy?

Having led agency teams in edutainment creative for many years, I’ve found the things that clients seem to value most when it comes to service—the things that make them happy and keep them coming back with repeat business—are really pretty simple. Yet, they can be [...]

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Storms, Broken Bones, and Fire: Good Edutainment Creative Agencies Work Around Obstacles to Get the Job Done

At the end of the day, edutainment marketers want a creative agency that gets the job done on time and on budget, even when unforeseen events create enormous challenges for the agency. Marketers should be able to put complete trust and confidence in their creative [...]

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Email Campaigns Provide Extraordinary Results for Edutainment Marketers

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market to your edutainment customers because it generates a return that’s unmatched in any digital channel. When it comes to edutainment creative, email leads the charge with content marketing. Email has grown and become more [...]

Six Ways to Reduce Costs of Edutainment Creative Revisions

Revisions are a natural part of the creative process, and most creative agencies will include a reasonable amount of revisions in your original project cost. But for those who don't—or if you have excessive revisions—the cost for the final product can go over budget. Here [...]

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Strategies for Conquering an Edutainment Creative Block

Most people have experienced a creative block at one time or another, but for designers, photographers, copywriters, and others who rely on their creativity to earn a living, it can be particularly frustrating. Edutainment marketers rely on their creative partners to come up with words [...]

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My Edutainment Creative Budget Was Cut, What Do I Do Now?

It's very frustrating for our clients when their creative budgets are cut and they are told to only use the in-house team for their creative needs. Most of our clients have internal creative departments as well as outside creative vendors. It's a nice combination that [...]

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